In tight cooperation with local food producers and with respect tp the folk tradition regarding local dishes, we want to contribute to the joint presentation of the city of Laško, which attempts to obtain the collective brand Okusiti Laško (Taste Laško).

Laško used to be a transit city, standing at the crossroads of major supply routes, so among traditional house delicacies of Hotel Špica you will also find dishes that were once celebrated as the dish of choice of horse and cart drivers (“furman”). The rich beer brewing tradition, which is the main cultprit for the contemporary image of Laško, left its traces in the cuisine as well.

We want to take our guest through time and introduce him or her to the tradition and particularities of life in Laško. This can only be done with cooperation and integration of the local offer. We try to offer as many locally grown foods as possible. Therefore, you can enjoy a selection of cheeses from the surrounding farms, dishes from clotted cream, and the season pasta selection will, according to the season, incorporate food grown by local producers.

We also respect modern trends and we are not a stranger to dishes from the neighbouring countries either.

Hotel Špica is also known for its devine-smelling crispy baker oven’s pizzas, marking 27 years in the pizza business and still going strong, with a pinch of Italian charm.

Restaurant is open form Monday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Hotel Špica laško - Restavracija - ponudba pizz