Hotel Špica Laško - restavracija


We want to take the guest through time and get to know him closely with the tradition and peculiarities of life
in Laško. This is only possible with the cooperation and coherence of the local offer. We try to offer as many
dishes from locally grown foods as possible. This way you will be able to enjoy the offer of cheeses from the
surrounding farms, overheated cream dishes, and the seasonal offer of pasta will be prepared from the food of
local producers, depending on the time of year.

We also respect modern trends, and the dishes of our neighbors are not foreign to us.

Hotel Špica Laško - glavne jedi




Laško used to be a transit place through which supply routes led, so among the traditional house delicacies of Hotel Špica Laško you will find dishes that were once famous as cart dishes. The rich brewing tradition, which is largely responsible for todays image of the town of Laško, has also left a big mark in the cuisine.