Hotel Špica Laško is located at the crossroads in front of the bridge, at the entrance to the Laško old town core, in the direct vicinity there are courses and facilities for shooting, tennis and football, and the Tri Lilije Hall, which can, after prior arrangement, be used for sport camps and practices for the following sports:

  • basketball
  • futsal (indoor soccer)
  • handball
  • volleyball
  • table tennis

Also, you can arrange training at the football pitch in the nearby Rečica pri Laškem. The facilities for fitness training are available in local fitness centres, and if you want to relax after a strenuous workout you can do so in the premises of the wellness centre Thermana Laško.

Athletes at Hotel Špica Laško can also make use of adapted programmes, which include special accommodation benefits and a menu put together on the basis of a mutual agreement upon booking.

In addition to sport camps that can take place in Laško, it is also possible to combine activities with the city of Celje, because it is just slightly more than 10 km away from Hotel Špica Laško. To get to Celje follow the road or take a train that you can board in the nearby vicinity of Hotel Špica Laško.

The City of Princes, as Celje is dubbed, offers more sports facilities that you can choose from for your practices or to attend sports events: