Laško is a tourist town, boasting a rich spa, mining and brewing tradition. Its roots date back to 600 A.D., to the period of the first Slavic settlements, who were named by the early inhabitants as »Lahi« because of their Latin language. Thus, the town was also named Laško. Tourism is nowadays the leading economic activity in the area and the project Laško-the Confluence of Good promotes and focuses on sustainable tourism, with less known, smaller destinations that include local offer. Town of Laško, of course, wouldn’t be what it is today, if Pivovarna Laško wasn’t actively engaged in the development and promotion of the town ever since 1825, when it was founded.


The destination Laško-the Confluence of Good is termed one of the most beautiful green tourist destinations in Slovenia. Activities the destination has to offer include:

  • Hiking (some of the most popular routes are Path to Hum, Orion’s path, Path to Šmohor, Kopitnik)
  • Cycling (cycling trails: Vrh nad Laškim, Trobni dol, Šmohor, Lisca, Govce, Celjska koča, Šentrupert, Laški krog and Path Junior, intended for children)
  • Guided trips and sights in Laško and its surroundings (Pivovarna Laško, city centre, Tabor Castle)
  • Wellness (Thermana and Rimske Terme)
  • Fishing (Gračnica, Marof pond)
  • Paragliding (launch sites Malič, Lisca and Kopitnik)
  • Recreation and fitness (health resort Thermana, tennis court, picnic area with a beach volleyball court in Rečica, Wellness Park Laško)
  • Indoor sports (basketball, handball, futsal and table tennis in the Tri Lilije Hall)

Unique activities that you can enjoy within the project Laško-Confluence of Good include: