Laško is a tourist town with a rich spa, mining and brewing tradition. Its roots go back to 600 AD, in the period of the first Slavic settlements, which were named Lahi because of the Latin language. This is where the town of Laško got its name from.
Today, tourism is the leading industry in the area. Laško encourages and focuses on sustainable tourism, with lesser-known, smaller destinations that include a lot of local offerings.

Laško -foto Stik

Since 2013, it has been proud of the title of European Destination of Excellence, which it has won with its development of tourism accessible to everyone. It develops according to the principles of sustainable tourism and bears the golden sign Slovenia Green Destination.

Laško is considered one of the most beautiful destination in Slovenia. Among the activities that the destination offers you are hiking, cycling, guided tours and tours of Laško and its surrounding, fishing, paragliding, recreation and fitness, and indoor sports.