Discover Slovenia

Slovenia is regarded as natural gem with pristine nature, where guests can get a good rest and simply enjoy the beauties the country has to offer. Due to its diversity, Slovenia is an excellent destination for various activities outdoors. Some of the most popular outdoor activities are hiking, mountain biking and climbing. Thanks to its diverse landscape, Slovenia is perfect for many different activities aimed at exploring nature – plains, mountains, lakes, forests, karst and sea. Also, cities and towns with their rich natural, cultural and architectural heritage and diverse events will certainly not let you down either.

Whether you decide to visit natural wonders or set to explore cities and towns, people will impress you with their adorable hospitality so much so that you will keep coming back.

Discover Slovenia


The Slovenian coastline with coastal gems, and karst hinterland with its rich underworld:

Hotel Špica Laško - odkrijte Slovenijo - slovensko morje
Hotel Špica Laško - odkrijte Slovenijo - slovensko sredogorje


Slovenian low-mountain region, surrounded by mighty forests:


Pannonian Plain with winegrowing hills:

Hotel Špica Laško - Odkrijte Slovenijo - Panonske ravnice
Hotel Špica Laško - odkrijte Slovenijo - slovenska mesta, Ljubljana


Interesting cities, well worth a visit: