Dish selection

We are committed to the Laško brewing industry and we respect the local tradition, which reflects in our dishes. In Hotel Špica Laško you will have the opportunity to taste the dishes prepared from ingredients, which are typical for our environment. Clotted cream made from local ingredients and the Laško beer will give dishes a taste of homeliness and singularity all at once.

Hotel Špica Laško - tradicionalne-hisne-dobrote


  • Roasted veal liver with crispy onion, fresh herbs and fried potatoes
  • Authentic beef goulash with bread dumpling and bacon
  • Trieste-style tripe with homemade cow cheese, oven-baked or classic
  • Celje classic dish – tripe goulash, half-half
  • Venison goulash with house gnocchi
  • Boiled beef in broth with sautéed potatoes and apple-horseradish dip
  • Baked dumpling roll with clotted cream, salty or sweet
Hotel Špica Laško - prigrizki ob pivu

Beer snacks

  • Fried chicken wings with homemade tartar sauce and french fries
  • Laško-style skewered sausage with whole grain mustard and freshly grated horseradish
  • “Laška pivska klobasica” sausage
Hotel Špica Laško - hladne predjedi

Cold apetizers

  • Cured meats with pickled vegetables and fresh cheese (120g), dry-cured pork netting roll “budjola”, salami, ham, bacon, minced lard, homemade pate, house cheeses, pickled vegetables
  • Beef salad with pumpkin oil, red onion, mustard seeds and season salad
  • Steak tartare as it used to be (100% young bull sirloin steak 220g) for two persons (you can prepare it by yourself)
  • Homemade cheeses with dried fruits and nuts


  • Beef soup with homemade noodles or freshly baked pancakes
  • Soup of the day (Ask the waiter about allergens.)
Hotel Špica Laško - domače testenine

Homemade fresh pasta

  • Ribbon noodles with porcini, leek and goat cheese
  • Ravioli with pumpkin, smoked trout, cherry tomatoes and young spinach
  • Spaghetti bolognese with freshly grated parmesan
Hotel Špica Laško - glavne jedi

Main dishes

  • Dry-aged pork ribs with dark beer, “savinjski sivček” bean and tuber veggies
  • Veal shank fried on butter, gravy with sage, sautéed potatoes, season vegetables
  • “Pivna klobasa” sausage with Golding beer and hops, potato salad with pumpkin oil and fried onions
  • Thinly sliced young bull sirloin on baby lettuce with braised vegetables, cold-pressed olive oil and aged hard cheese
  • Grilled trout with pesto triestino, buttery mashed potatoes with chives and olive oil
  • Zander fillet in barley and beer panada, risoni pasta with baby spinach and porcini

Hotel Špica Laško - ponudba jedi - Špica klasik


  • Pork or turkey steak (Wiener schnitzel, in mushroom sauce or grilled)
  • Grilled squid with pesto triestino
  • Squid fried with house tartar sauce
  • Stuffed squid
  • Fried edam cheese with fried house potatoes and mayonnaise dip

Špica for children

  • Fried chicken strips with fried house potatoes
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Mini children’s pizza margherita
Hotel Špica Laško - vegeterijanske jedi

Vegetarian dishes

  • Grilled “kozjanski” fresh cheese with season vegetables and house pesto
  • Barley porridge with season mushrooms, lentil and tuber veggies and fresh herbs

Side dishes

  • Grilled season vegetables
  • House fried potatoes
  • Sautéed potatoes
  • Larded dumpling rolls with clotted cream
  • Larded homemade gnocchi with breadcrumbs or butter
Hotel Špica Laško - solatni-krozniki

Salad plates

  • SEA: (baby lettuce, chicory, arugula, cherry tomatoes, fennel, olives, dried tomatoes, capers, smoked salmon, shrimps, olive oil, balsamic glaze, grated parmesan, fresh herbs)
  • CAESAR: (lettuce, hard-boiled egg, grilled chicken strips, croutons, baked pancetta, selected salad dressing, parmesan)
  • HUM: (young lettuce, chicory, field salad, fresh tuber vegetables, corn, nuts, grilled fresh cheese, yoghurt dressing with pumpkin oil)
  • Small salad
  • Season salad
Hotel Špica Laško - sladice


  • Krema iz pregrete smetane s pečeno hruško in malinami
  • Carski praženec ali »šmoren« s sezonsko sadno čežano
  • Čokoladni mousse s temnim in svetlim pivom, lešnikovim drobljencem in sezonskim sadjem
  • Ponudba sladic iz vitrine (o alergenih se pozanimajte pri natakarju)